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Iranian-Dutch photographer Soraya Ebrahimi portrays untold stories through her photographs. Stories that often contradict stereotypes in the Dutch multicultural society.

She was one of the first photography students in the Tehran Art University to complete the bachelor's programme (1989) and after that she completed the master's programme in photography (1999) at the same Art University in Teheran. In the Netherlands, she graduated from Photo academy Amsterdam, with a focus on journalism, documentary and portrait photography (2004). Soraya has lived and worked in multiple countries and her work has no international boundaries.

Women and especially children have her greatest interest, both in Iran and in the Netherlands. With photography she tells the stories of multicultural societies and the human factor in them. Furthermore, she has photographed and taught photography in asylum seekers' centers.

Soraya has a talent in introducing art to children and adolescents. Art and in particular photography are means for telling untold stories to people and to make them think. For many, this has a profound effect on their lives and Soraya thinks this is indispensable.