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“New Netherlands” Project (ongoing)

This project is about newcomers in the Nederland, concerning both recently arrived newcomers and newcomers who have lived in the Netherlands for a long time, such as second or third generation immigrants. This group has introduced new features to the Dutch society and has given new colors to the relatively blank Netherlands.

This series of photo portraits were made together with personal stories and exhibited in the Almere town hall by ALT learning pathway of the municipality of Almere.

The stories are collected by Dutch- Iraqi journalist Entisaar Al-Ghareeb and Syrian Basil Hilal and written by Katja Uraban.

I considered to be inspired by the Arab spring so I traveled in the summer of 2015 in the town of Kobani in Syria I took photos targeted refugees I think humans are important freedom gives happiness.

Saman Aram


Talji Kassem

My husband Works as software engineer consultant in an company. I live almost one year in Holland. I have experience more than 5 years as executive secretary in India. I am creative and I have passion to the languages like to learn more about Dutch and i would like to teach Englisch one day and give lessons. A passion art and desire to serve in community with different cultures for personal development is important for me Iam still looking for a office job in good company. I am stil missing my family and I want to make contact with my family and visit them once a year.

Tibitha Abraham

Choman Mala


Zaher Alasadi


Amir Abbas